Social issues in music custom essay.

Use the social issue of WAR. Find at least 5 songs with lyrics that address your chosen social issue/problem. You will need to cite these songs using proper APA formatting.
Analyze the songs for similarities and differences in how they address the social issue/problem. You may: look for themes within and among the songs (i.e. songs about war that talk about ‘ending war’consider the year the songs were copyrighted consider the genre the song fits in is the song directed at a particular audience? (think socio-demographic characteristics: age, race/ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status (SES), and sexuality) what type of vocabulary, words, grammar, euphemisms, vernacular is used for the lyrics?
Consider the actual production of the song as well: tempo, emotion, male/female singer, individual singer/band, etc.
Find at least two sources that address music AND your social problem (i.e. the sources are providing similar analysis or commentary on how your social problem is addressed through music). These may be popular sources (i.e. magazine articles or websites), but Wikipedia is NOT acceptable
Find at least ONE peer reviewed  article (see attached Finding Peer Reviewed Journals guidelines) that discusses your social issue problem and how it is portrayed by the media (ideally this would be focused on your social issue and problem,but this may be difficult to find – so an article on TV, radio, internet, movies is OK).

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