Short & Long Term Recovery Plan Academic Essay

Assume the role of emergency manager in your local community. Select a disaster that has or could impact Phoenix, AZ. If this disaster has previously impacted your community, research the disaster to identify what happened, what factors contributed to declaring it a disaster, how the residents of the community were affected, the extent of the damage, and what mitigation plans were in place prior to the disaster? If your community has not experienced this disaster, consider researching other areas that have faced a similar disaster. It is helpful to recognize how other communities prepared and addressed the disaster.

As the emergency manager, develop long-term community recovery plans to support the response and recovery process in the aftermath of the disaster. Your plans must include the following (1,250-1,500 words):

  1. A description of the disaster that threatens your community.
  2. Components of the current mitigation plans in place to prevent extensive damage and support the recovery efforts.
  3. Potential areas requiring evacuation and/or sheltering. Include possible sheltering options for the various populations, including specials needs, locations, evacuation plans, and volunteer support.
  4. Determine two sources of funding to assist in the response and recovery process. What requirements are necessary to meet conditions of funding opportunities?
  5. How are local businesses expected to contribute to the response and recovery efforts?
  6. Evaluate the volunteer organizations available in your local community. Discuss what is required to receive assistance from the organization, and what services they offer during the response and recovery process.
  7. What are your short-term recovery expectations?
  8. What are your long-term recovery expectations?
  9. Are there challenges the community could face in the recovery of the disaster?

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