Designing Effective Curricula d-5 Academic Essay

Use the Library to research the following 2-part question. Answer both parts in the Discussion Board.

Most school districts and institutions of learning have implemented instructional management systems (IMSs) that collect data to assess performance, analyze patterns, provide state and federal reports, and impact greater student achievement. Some of the more popular commercial products can be explored on the following Web sites. Research several of the following companies, and choose the company that you believe has the best product for implementing a site-wide IMS:

Part I

Why do you think your choice is the best one for implementing a site-wide IMS? What question would you ask about part 1 assignment?


School districts and institutions of learning have been bringing together various software applications and hardware solutions to provide site-wide assessments. At one time, school district technicians found it difficult to mix different assessment programs because of compatibility issues. Leaders in educational technology have developed a standard with which IMS-related vendors now comply, so that school districts can implement a site-wide assessment system and combine several hardware and software solutions. The stand is called is SIF, which stands for Schools Interoperability Framework.

Part II

Research SIF, and briefly explain how it works. What do you think the advantages and disadvantages of this system might be? What question would you ask about part 1 assignment?



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