Risk management plan for “Dubai Water Canal Project” in Dubai custom essay.

(a) You will be given a company on the French Stock Exchange. Access data such as share prices, annual reports, competitors and market share of the company from the public domain
and make a brief report on the company’s performance in the last three years. DATA FROM CAC 40 YAHOO FINANCE
(10 marks)

(b) Using the Market Model and weekly data over the last year find the beta of the company.
(20 marks)
USE COMPANY: LG.PA    Lafarge S.A.

(c) Research the concept of the French market risk premium and critically discuss the relevance of this concept under existing market conditions.
(15 marks)

(d) Analyze the shape of the French yield curve and with reference to academic literature and empirical research offer explanations for its shape.
(15 marks)
(e) Using the theory of the Capital Asset Pricing Model evaluate the current price of the share and use it to make a recommendation on whether the share as at 1 Nov 2015, should be held, bought or sold.
(20 marks)

(f) Critically appraise all assumptions you have made in making your recommendation including a critical evaluation of the model used.

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