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The down dog yoga studio offers five types of classes design a program that accepts a number representing a class and then displays the name of the class modify the program so that the numeric class request can be entered continuously then display each class number, name, and a count of the number of request for each class

Class number                                     Class Name

  • Yoga 1
  • Yoga 2
  • Children’s Yoga
  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Senior Yoga


  1. Watson Elementary school contains 30 classrooms numbered 1 – 30. Each classroom can contain any number of students up to 35. Each student takes an achievement test at the end of the school year and receives a grade of 0 – 100. Write a program that accepts data for each student in the school student ID, classroom number, and score on the achievement test. Design a program that lists the total points scored for each of the 30 classrooms… Modify program so that the average of the test scores is the output for each classroom, rather than total score for each classroom.


  1. The Jumpin Jive coffees shop charges $2.00 for a cup of coffee and offers add in shown


Product                                                Price($)

Whipped cream                                0.89

Cinnamon                           0.25

Chocolate sauce               0.59

Amaretto                            1.50

Irish Whiskey                     1.75

Design the logic for an application that allows a user to enter ordered add – ins continuously until sentinel value is entered. After each item display its price or the message “Sorry we do not carry that” as output. After all items have been entered, display the total price of the order.

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