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On, please view ‘Workplace Conflict by Melvinawilson’. (

You will need to view the video in order to complete this assignment. The video gives a glimpse of an ongoing
between two employees that has not been dealt with by the manager. You have been installed as the new manager over
the department and the two employees. In order to address the conflict, you must write a two page letter (maximum) in a
business format on what steps as the newly installed manager you would take to address the conflict to the Human
Resources Department prior to holding any meetings with the employees. You will need to address the letter to:
Jason Hall
Director of Personnel
XYZ Student Corporation
1400 Texas Wesleyan Drive
Fort Worth, Texas 76105
In writing the letter, please make sure to explain the situation as you see it in the first paragraph(s) and then the steps you
plan to take as the manager. The action plan that you develop should be based on your own experiences, educational
training, or personal philosophy.


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