Personal training / coaching custom essay.

  1. Research peak nutrition – Obstacle racing and Touch Football for 25 year old Male

Find information about peak nutrition for the goal you have identified for your client in the question above. Write a maximum of one (1) page on the information you find and include:


  • Nutritional strategies for carbohydrate and protein requirements for your client.


  • Any special hydration requirements
  • Guidelines for pre-event, or pre-training, during and post-event or post- training nutrition
  • Practical ideas or considerations
  • Include a minimum of three references of where you found the information (website URL, journal article etc.). At least one of these references should include information on the client’s sport and sourced from


  1. Sport specific nutrition brochure – endurance and Strength

Now that you have gathered sufficient information, design one page information brochure outlining the basics on the nutritional goal for this sport. The brochure provide nutritional information in plain English . You can use dot points to highlight key points, but remember to include explanations. Be sure to acknowledge all sources you use.


3 . Nutrition at the event

Your athlete may have sought advice on their nutritional preparation in the lead up to an event (e.g. fun run, soccer competition, sport carnival/gala day, triathlon), but we should also consider their nutritional needs while competing at the event. Make recommendations to assist your athlete on their event day.


Name of event: Spartan Obstacles Racing course (

Performance requirements (duration, intensity): (distance 7, 14 or 21klms)

Nutrition pre-event:

Nutrition during event:

Nutrition post -event:


Recommended implementation:


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