Compare and contrast Gittins’s and Potter’s responses to the proposed 15% increase in the Australian GST. Each writer focuses on different problems with the increase, but are there any options they both fail to consider that might solve the problems they raise? custom essay.

Your essay is expected to show two things: an understanding of the topic and an understanding of the effectiveness of each text’s argument. You will therefore need to do secondary research to develop and support the argument of your own essay. You can draw on scholarly books and academic journal articles, websites (not Wikipedia), high-quality newspapers (eg the Financial Review), relevant encyclopaedias and glossaries as secondary sources. You can use these
resources both to help you explain the arguments of the original sources and to show how those arguments are constructed/deconstructed, as well as to support your own position on the topic.
You must include at least one block quote, at least one integrated quote, and at least two paraphrases of secondary sources in your essay, as well as quotes and paraphrases from the primary texts. You may use each source more than once.
Your essay must be followed by a List of Works Cited formatted in a recognised referencing style.
This list must contain both primary and secondary sources in alphabetical order by author’s family name. Please name the style you are using at the start of the list.
Length: 1,500 words; 46
secondary sources in List of Works Cited. there are two primary sources reading:

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