Nursing theory and nursing management custom essay.

Complete a library search for a peer review journal article that integrates nursing theory and nursing management. Present the article and discuss the nursing theory used, the benefits of nursing theory in management and any weaknesses you identify in the article. Responses should be at least 500 words long, integrate key concepts from the weekly readings and include specific examples of how the concepts can be applied to your work environment. Attach a copy of the article, or e-mail your article to the instructor for posting.

You are expected to:
1. Post an initial substantive response of 200-250 words to each question.
2. Read postings and engage in the discussion boards 4-5 days per week.
3. Respond to at least two other student’s postings with substantive comments.
Substantive comments add to the discussion and provide your fellow students with information that will enhance the learning environment.
The postings should be at least one paragraph (approximately 100 words) and include references as indicated by the instructor.
4. References and citations should conform to the APA 6th edition.
Remember: Please respect the opinions of others, even if their views differ. In other words, disagree professionally and respectfully.
Plagiarism is never acceptable – give credit when credit is due – cite your sources

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