Movie review of Obsession “Radical Islam’s War against the West” Academic Essay

Movie review of Obsession “Radical Islam’s War against the West”
Obsession is a movie that that deals with the threats of radical Islam to the civilization of, the movie uses unique footage from Arabic TV. This is a documentary movie that deals with the threats of radical Islam. It discusses the incitements that were alleged to hatred as well as the global jihad, along with the world domination by stating the differences that exist between the 2nd world war’s Nazi movements and the issue of Islamism. As a matter of fact, this movie uses a lot of pictures from the Arabic televisions, which are provided by the Middle East Institute of Research, as well as the Palestinian Media Watch.
According to me, obsession is one of the greatest movies in my time, which has received I can accord a lot of criticisms. One of the negative sides of this movie is that, it shows the Islamic region as being a threat to the world, which has bent with the aim of destroying the civilizations of the western. This is based on the fact that, “interviewees in the documentary are on the record as describing Islam as inherently prone to hegemony”. The movie has close links with the clarion Fund. This is due to the matter of shared Aish HaTorah staff and the Clarion Fund Staff. As a matter of fact, to me, it is much disgusting that, Aish HaTorah will just continue having someone who has promulgated such a character sitting on their staff. I can call the movie as just a classic propaganda due to its radicalism that is trying to demonize Muslim as a whole and their faith too.
The movie admits that about 15 percent of Muslims concurs with the radical point of view that is presented by individuals like Hamas, in real sense I don’t trust that. What were the sources of such information, as there is no even a single source that backs the data. Another thing is, why they are just dancing around fundamental issue that America deals with radicals. With this, the movie implies that, America hates Jews and Israel, the fact is, America is the closest ally of Israel, and ever, it has been supporting Israel. This fact was not concluded in this documentary. As a matter of fact, the movie is just a generalized trial of scaring the viewers.
In my recommendation, I feel like the Obsession movie is not good for children. This is because; the movie uses pictures from Arabic TVs, which are far much disturbing. It also uses media along with lyrics from such songs that are far much popular in countries like Iran; a country which has been noted to be among the haters of the West and Israel. For instance, one of the most disturbing parts of the documentary is when the documentary shows a Christian child’s throat being cut by a Jewish Rabbi, for making matzo balls. This kind of anti-Semitic superstition has its origin in Christians living in the middle ages.
As a result, I recommend that, the producers of obsession should have spent more time, in the processes of moderating Islamic groups that were responding against terrorism. However, the documentary itself spend a very few minutes at the end, trying to do so. Another aspect that seems to have just been added with the aim of making it look as if it is politically right, is the fact that, in some circumstances, bias can be accepted in such like presentations, and it might have been much more accurate and precise as compared s 9/11. But this does not deter the point that Obsession: Radical Islam’s War against the West is just propaganda.
I hereby concur with Charles Batten and the Religionsntalled. I hold an opinion that the West have done a lot of things in their history to the creation of circumstances, which have resulted to the spread of such like awful Islamic radicalism. This documentary does a lot of nothing in showing this fact; however, the producer just goes a head showing the real impacts of it. For instance, at one time, Europe placed Germany in such a circumstance after the 1st world war. This in its place did not go ahead making Nazism any furious. The fact remains that, Radical Islam is very dangerous to the contemporaries. It does matter whether its danger comes from distorted actual religious doctrine or even if it danger is just a mare mechanism for massage deliverance. As an effect, the west need not to simply complacent or just write it off just like that, it needs to investigate more on the matter.
In America, individuals get scared about any silliest thing that concerns their own community. These who happen to be on the right-wing get scared due to any change, diversity, as well as the fundamental progress. While on the other hand, the left-wingers get scared of looking like the right-wingers. They usually get wrapped up in both economic and social matters which might only divide them. But when a matter that threaten their society, they usually manage to step ahead and unite. This has happened several times in history, so as a matter of fact, it will happen again, but the question is, how long will this be, and what should happen globally before this happens?
In conclusion, this documentary is biased, as it is one sided, however, the side it depicts does look painfully important.
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Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West
DVD cover art Directed by Wayne Kopping Produced by Peter Mier
Raphael Shore Written by Wayne Kopping
Raphael Shore Editing by Wayne Kopping Distributed by Clarion Fund Release date(s) Liberty Film Festival
October 21, 2005 Language English

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