Anthropology Academic Essay

Barker and Lindquist (2009) provide the reader with a couple of multi-authored essays on what they call Indonesian ‘figures of modernity’, a ‘series of figures that are clearly symptoms of broader transformations’. Although they very much talk about an Indonesian context, the questions below push you to see if such an approach may also work for other Southeast Asian societies.

Having also read Wiegele’s (2006) article on Brother Mike, please briefly answer, how you think Brother Mike according to the criteria set out by Barker, Lindquist and co-authors qualifies as such a ‘figure of modernity’? e.g. what social transformations does she seem to stand for? (100 words MAX)

Question 2
Both Fisher (2012) and Rudnyckyj (2013) describe how the Malaysian state successfully seems to combine a form of moderate Islam with plain market capitalism
Compare the two cases and briefly answer the following three questions (together 400 words MAX.)

-What are the two examples of ‘Islamic capitalism’ the authors provide us with
-What is the interest of the Malaysian state in partaking in both cases?
– How do the practices described by Fisher and Rudnyckyj both break with more traditional Malay practices and Islamic practices in the Middle East?






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