Marketing Research Academic Essay

For each of the two following research scenarios, identify and discuss who the target
respondents should be, whether qualitative or quantitative research is needed (or both),
and an appropriate data collection method. Broadly indicate how large the respondent
sample should be for each method you recommend and how you would select them.
Explain and justify your answers covering such issues as the nature of the research
objectives, cost, timeliness of data collection, availability of potential respondent
information, required sample size for such a situation, representativeness of data (i.e.
non-response), and any other research relevant issues. Be sure to discuss each scenario
and to show that you have some understanding of each industry. Do NOT contact the
companies directly for this assignment. Use only secondary data sources.


Scenario 1
You are the Marketing Manager for Menulog which is Australia’s largest online food and
beverage ordering service for householders (see “”). Menulog allows
customers to browse menus from restaurants in their area and also read reviews. People
can order food and then collect it or have it home delivered by the restaurant. You are
wanting to assess how restaurants in Australia feel about Menulog and what value they
place on the free websites and mobile apps and other marketing tools the site offers. You
also want feedback on the pricing structure of no set up fees or fixed contracts.


Scenario 2
You are the Marketing Manager of Adelaide Free Bikes, a service which offers free daily
rental of bikes (with a helmet and lock) to people in the metro area. You have just
introduced additional services of multi-day rental (for a fee) and paid rental for specialist
bikes such as Avanti Atomic mountain bikes. You are wanting to understand who is
using the services currently and how demand might change now the fee-based bikes and
multi-day rentals have been introduced.



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