The Future of Decision Making Academic Essay

consider the future of decision making in the field of management. What trends do you see or can you possibly imagine in the future? Brainstorm your ideas about the future. Do not restrict yourself by current limitations of computers or lack of knowledge of how to make the various possibilities happen.


  1. Explain your perspective on the future of decision making in the field of management.
  2. Justify your perspective by supporting it with citations from the resources.
  3. Share any concerns you have related to decision making.
  4. As you reflect on the content and your experiences throughout this course, explain what resonates with you most as a future leader in management, and how you will you continue to strive to make a difference and promote social change in your field.
  5. Give a practical example of a positive social change you might decide to adopt in your community.
  6. Additionally, what factors limits the implementation of positive change around you



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