Leadership Academic Essay

Question 1: What does Fiedler’s contingency theory suggest that we can and cannot do as leaders?

Question 2: The Hershey-Blanchard model suggests that we can change our leadership style to suit given situations. When can we do this and how would we know?

Question 3: How does the concept of the locus of control help us to develop our leadership skills?

Question 4: How can we use values to establish the type of culture we desire in our organisation?

Question 5: Trait theory tends to be theoretically weak, but why is it so intuitively appealing?

Question 6: Why is charismatic leadership good and bad?

Question 7: How does path-goal theory take into account the situation?

Question 8: When would servant leadership be an appropriate approach to leading one’s followers?

Question 9: What are substitutes for leadership and how do these relate to contingency theory?

Question 10: How can the degree of participation in decision-making influence the quality and accountability of decisions?


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