Facility Layout and Design Academic Essay


  1. Prepare a daily log of operations required to handle the grains and activities described in the assignment. Corn is received for 7 weeks and soybeans for 3 weeks. Enclosed in the documents for this lesson is a partially completed daily log showing the first 3 weeks (21 days) of the log. Your responsibility is to complete the log for the additional 4 weeks for a total of 7 weeks.

(The greatest amount of grain in storage on any one day for a grain determines the maximum amount of storage needed for each grain.)


  1. Prepare a Bin List similar to the one showing in the example showing the list of bins, purpose, bin manufacturer*,capacity, diameter, wall height, overall height and if it is a flat or hopper  bottom bin. *Use corrugated metal bins from one of the bin manufacturers such as Brock, GSI, SCAFCO, etc. of your choice for your selection. Look their catalog up on the Internet to get the information you need.   The highest single day storage on the Daily Log will determine the minimum amount of storage needed.
  1. Using the flow symbols shown in the lesson, draw a flow diagram of your elevator for the project. A flow diagram shows the path grain(s) travel through the elevator for the various functions from receiving through storage or shipment. Reference the sample flow diagram shown in the lesson for an example. This drawing may be done using MS Word or other computer aided system, or neatly drawn by hand, but must be turned in as part of the assignment.


  1. Calculate the required handling capacities in bushels per hour (BPH) based on the information supplied for the assignment for the following:
  1. Receiving system
  2. Transfer within the elevator
  3. Rail car loading
  4. Dryer capacity
  5. Dryer system conveying capacity

(Show your work on how you calculated your answers for these capacities)


  1. Draw a simple plan view of your elevator showing the layout and arrangement you are choosing for the receiving pit, truck scale, driveway, bins and their location and arrangement, and the rail system.



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