Justification report custom essay.


This is the final submission of the justification report. It should be professionally styled and formatted, clean and error-free, and should be the best representation of your research and findings.

Assignment 2.3 requires you to:

Create the preliminary part of the report that precede the Introduction (after reading Chapter 11 in the textbook). Each element (1a to 1d) appears on a separate page (1a should be page 1, 1b should be page 2, etc.). The preliminary part includes:
Title Page (APA style): A basic title page for the report.
Transmittal (stand-alone block business letter): The transmittal will be read in advance of the actual report. It should be professional in tone and discuss the development of the report (at the sender’s request) and should touch on the general subject of the report provided. It should not present the recommendation.
Table of Contents: Should include all elements of the report that follow (Executive Summary to References page section headings) and accurate page numbers. Use a table to properly align the information and page numbers.
Executive Summary: A full, self-contained summary of the report that precedes the body and is 3/4 to 1 page in length. It should summarize the entire report including the recommendation.

Revise the body of the report (Assignment 2.2) per the instructor’s guidelines.

Note: Remember to organize the report by the section headings. The report should reflect a style and format appropriate for business; single spacing and bullet points are acceptable for formal business reports

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