Book analysis/critique of Ideas: Way of the peaceful Warrior custom essay.


Discuss any topic you wish regarding this novel

You must quote three (3) outside sources, once per source, and cite them correctly. Create a Works Cited page.


Attachment is an example essay

For all essays, the format guidelines are listed below:

1,000-word essay,
MLA format.
Works Cited page.
Quotations cited properly. 1 quotation from the piece we are reading for Essays #1-3.
You may not say “you” or “I” in essays 2-4. Stay OBJECTIVE and FORMAL.

No slang or curse words unless you are quoting. Get help in the Writing Center and have your tutor initial your draft for credit which may help a borderline final grade.

You will write essays critiquing authors we have read in class from this section.

Take good notes in lectures.

Look for symbols, repeated themes, plot, setting, character, meaning or moral, author’s intention, social, biographical, and historical background.

What do reviewers, family members, critics, and historians say?

Begin writing immediately, so you have a good chance to do well.

Read each piece BEFORE the day we discuss it. Write your comments and questions. As you read, identify any symbols, foreshadowing in the story, the author’s purpose, audience, effectiveness, and style.
Look up info on the author and the story, why s/he wrote the story and the social context in which it was written, etc.
Take good notes in class. Ask questions and share your thoughts.
Ask yourself how you feel about the characters and their actions or about

the piece and its meanings. How are the characters similar to the author and his family, etc.?

Do your own research on symbols. Google is helpful in this. Think about how WORDS are symbols in themselves, and do some research on the meanings of symbols. Wikipedia, YouTube,QuoteGarden, BrainyQuote are not considered primary sources, but can be your extra sources.

In all the essays, when you quote, mention the source and page number To quote= verb. A quotation (not quote) = noun. Please remember this.

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