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The final project requires you to develop a comprehensive business plan. This plan should be a working document on how to establish or acquire and operate a business venture.
Required Elements to include in the Business Plan:
Cover all basic matters, including a description of the business and products/services to be offered, identification of target markets, and analysis of competition. The project will consist of a completed business plan for your real or imaginary business venture. Although there are different types of enterprises, there are commonalities among all. These should be reflected in the following sections:
Ø introductory letter
Ø executive summary
Ø statement of objectives
Ø background
Ø technical description of product/service
Ø marketing strategy
Ø market data
Ø selling tactics
Ø operations plan
Ø financial data
Ø management plan
Ø human resources plan
Ø conclusions
Grading will be based on content, comprehensiveness, organization, packaging, grammar, mechanics, and timely submission.
The final paper, however, must be your original work.
Required Formatting of Paper:
Must be typewritten and neatly packaged in a form presentable to a financial institution or investor.
As some businesses are more complex, no specified number of pages is required. The key is to ensure that all critical portions of the plan are covered in sufficient detail to portray indepth thought and effort. Some areas may not apply to all businesses.
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Financial statements are important, and you are expected to provide pro forma balance sheets, income statements, break even analyses, and cash flow projections.

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