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Update your paper about the root cause of a sentinel event. It should include all
of the following:
Include the identification and definition of a health and safety problem related to a sentinel event in the health care industry.
Common health and safety issues include blood borne pathogens and biological hazards, potential chemical and drug exposures, waste anesthetic gas exposures, respiratory hazards, ergonomic hazards from lifting and repetitive tasks, laser
hazards, hazards associated with laboratories, and exposure to radioactive material and X-ray hazards.
Injuries may be in the form of patient or employee falls, medication errors, needle-sticks, skin rashes, burns, cuts, crushed fingers, pressure sores, electrocution, health care facility acquired illnesses (termed nosocomial infections in hospitals), and something being left inside the patient following surgery that was not supposed to be there.
The most common and expensive injuries are pressure sores and infections.
Research this specific health and safety issue by doing the following:
Perform a short literature review of at least 10–15 articles concerning how the issue is being addressed by members of the health care industry.
Cite 510 articles, minimum.
Evaluate how widespread the issue is within the health care industry.
Using the root cause analysis process, identify at least 5–7 possible causal factors.
Using the root cause analysis process again, identify the probable root cause(s).
Part 2
To recommend your solution to the problem, add a section of 4–5 pages that includes answers to the following questions:
What is the importance of implementing a quality improvement process to reduce the incidence of the safety issue?
What would be a method of application of the quality process to the safety issue?
What Quality & Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) standards are met by the implementation of this method?
Present your work in a scholarly manner, using APA format.
Submit the entire paper of 12–15 pages.

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