IELTS Task 1 Academic Correction: Water Filtration​.

The diagram below shows how water is filtered.

water filteration IELTS Task 1 ELTEC.jpg

20 minutes, 150 words at least.


The diagram illustrates the process of water filtration.

Overall, the water purification process involves six distinct stages beginning with saltwater intake from the sea to distribution to the water supply system.

Firstly, salty water from the sea is collected which is then transferred to a pretreatment filter. This chamber is connected to a backwash filter from where through which some proportion of impure water is returned to the ocean.  Through another connection of the pretreatment filter, saltwater is passed to another chamber where it is forced through a membrane which exerts a great pressure resulting in only the water molecules to move across it. The impurities and salt, being unable to cross the membrane, (present this information as a MODIFIER. Additional information in the sentence.) flows flow out via a separate pipeline and is returned to the sea.

In the next step, post-treatment of the collected water takes place. In this stage, the filtered water is treated with lime, chlorine, and fluoride is used to further purify water. The purified water is then kept for storage (… is then stored in ….) in a separate tank which (which refers to the nearest noun. Here it refers to tank, not water.) and is then (word repetition then) distributed to the general people via water supply system.

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