IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Coffee Manufacturing Process

IELTS Academic Task 1 Correction: Coffee Manufacturing Process – 1

The diagram shows Coffee Manufacturing Process. Write a report.

coffee process IELTS

Her is another student’s response.


The diagram explains the various stages of coffee production.

Overall, the processing of coffee requires eleven stages beginning from the selection of coffee beans to packing the produced coffee into jars.

To begin with, coffee beans are picked up from the plantation area. After drying them in the sun, they are roasted (technically this sentence is wrong. Modifier mistake. They are dried in the sun and roasted in a machine.). In the next step (Afterwards), the roasted beans are quickly cooled down and which are then ground in a grinding machine. Subsequently, the mixture grounded beans are is mixed with hot water in a jar. Then, the mixture is strained to remove the water.

The process continues with freezing of the strained mixture which was attained after straining all the water out. In the following step, the frozen liquid is again put into a grinding machine to achieve a ground fine mixture. After that, the mixture it is dried in a vacuum from where which all the water evaporates out. Finally, the readied mixture is packed into jars and, (comma here) after appropriate labeling, they are sent to retail stores.

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Coffee Manufacturing Process
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