IELTS Speaking Cue Card March 2018: A Person Who Knows a Lot About Something.

Talk about a person that you know well, who knows a lot about something. Please say

– Who is that person?
– What does he/she know a lot about?
– What would you like to learn from this person?

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Since I’m a student of engineering, I know numerous professors who are experts in their subjects. However, I recently met Mr. ABC, the adjunct professor of business, and we soon became good friends. He is an engineer and an entrepreneur and is an expert in business operations. (Who? What?)

Since we interact regularly on issues related to business, I would prefer to learn several things from him. Firstly, he can teach me how various engineering operations are streamlined to complete a project. Any construction project, for instance, requires close working of design, procurement, and construction departments. Moreover, I would like to learn about financing a project. He is a first generation businessman who finances his projects with the help of a team of angel investors, banks and financing institutions. Finally, I think he can teach me how to build cooperation of various departments so that office politics and ego does not impact business performance. (What would you like to learn? Answer neatly structured into three points and each point is sufficiently explained.)


  • What is the importance of rules at workplaces? Rules play a vital role in maintaining discipline in any workplace. They help in the smooth flow of activities and prevent any friction between individuals and businesses.
  • Do you think uniforms are necessary for all jobs? Well, not all jobs need uniforms. Startups are often more flexible in their approach towards dress. Technology companies such as Google and Facebook also do not require any dress code.
  • What should be done if there is a disagreement regarding any rule at work? The first step to resolve the disagreement is to approach the leadership team. Leaders of any company are often visionaries and have a better understanding of activities than other employees. They should be consulted to set clear rules and regulations.
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