IELTS Essay, May 2018, Correction: Cars are a Better Way of Transportation.

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Some people think cars are a better way of transportation around the city, while other prefer cycling. Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Some people consider cars as a better mode of transportation than cycle to roam around the cities since it is time-saving and convenient (better X than Y). However, others believe prefer riding bicycle is better because it not only saves the environment but also good (parallelism mistake – save is a verb, good is an adjective) for the public health. I agree with the latter opinion.

People consider cars a better (too much repetition of better) mode of transportation because of many reasons. Firstly, cars are the most time-saving mode of transport. Car owners do not need to wait for buses or trains in order to reach their destination roam around the city, which saves waiting time on bus stands and metro stations (The question demands a comparison between a car and a bicycle. Not public transport.). For instance, in Mumbai, trains take around two hours to travel from Thane to Bandra west, however, this journey time can be reduced to half by using a car (task response). Secondly, cars are a convenient mode of transportation since they are equipped with in build air conditioning and music system. Bicycles, on the other hand, expose people to the external environment which leads to excessive sweating during summers and extra cold during winters. Cars help maintain an optimum temperature in all seasons and weathers. Therefore, it is advisable to drive a car for meetings, both personal and professional. Therefore, car owners do not need to worry about the summer heat, and they can also enjoy their favorite music while traveling.

On the other hand, bicycle riding is good for health since it helps to burn the extra calories and also good for keeps the cardiovascular system in good shape (parallelism mistake). The doctors of at AIIMS, for instance, suggest bicycle riding to all patients suffering from obesity and high cholesterol. (this is a good exercise. But does that make it a reliable mode of transport? Since working professionals do not have any time for physical exercise, doctors recommend them to use a bicycle as a mode of transport as compared to a car.) Another reason for using bicycles is that, unlike cars, it (bicycles = plural, it = singular) does (… they do not ….) not emit harmful gases such as carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. (Private passenger vehicles are often held responsible for most of the greenhouse gas emissions. The prevent this damage to the ecology, not only do humans need to plant more trees but also adopt environmentally friendly modes of transport such as a bicycle. If people in urban areas begin cycling to their places of work instead of driving cars, the temperature of the cities will certainly fall.) Therefore, the use of bicycles helps to control the global warming and spread of lung diseases such as asthma, bronchitis (Is this idea about global warming or health? Stick to one issue only.). For instance, the UK government has made it necessary for city dwellers to use bicycles as a mode of transportation for shorter distances. This step would help to reduce the carbon emission, and also helps to keep people fit.

In conclusion, despite being a time-saving and a comfortable mode of travel, I still prefer bicycles over the car since bike riding is environmentally friendly and also helps to make the society healthy.

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