IELTS Essay Correction: Some People are Born With Innate Talent.

In general, it is believed that some people are born with certain talent, for instance for sports or music and others are not. However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician.

Discuss both views and give your opinion.

40 minutes, 250 words at least.


Having an extraordinary trait is a hot topic of discussion these days (How is it a hot topic? The sentence should be about something specific and related to the question statement. Sample: Professional talents are necessary for economic success in the modern society. While some people opine these talents can be acquired by teaching since humans have an extraordinary power of learning, others think they are innate as every person has a specific bent of mind since birth. I believe …..). It is often considered as ‘’God Gifted’’ as ordinary people can never attain it regardless of the amount of effort they put in to learn it, while a few disagree and believe that developing a skill is an acquired phenomenon and this can be achieved under the guidance of a teacher or a mentor. be pretty much achievable under supreme guidance specialist. (weird sentence construction. supreme guidance specialist is vague.)

It is often believed that individuals with an outstanding talent or skill are not ordinary people (this does not mean they’re born with these talents.) born with these talents. Their mind is especially specially designed by the nature to perform a specific role and they perceive the realities of life in a much more different way than the general public does do (The question clearly states “OTHERS ARE NOT”. Can’t assume others can learn these talents. View 1 should be: Either you have it, or you don’t. Can’t argue that others can learn.). Subsequently, they learn certain traits quickly and efficiently as compared to others and get recognition in the society. The intellectual ability of Shakespeare, the analytical approach of Einstein and the leadership skills of Abraham Lincoln (perfect parallelism!), for instance, can never be learned by any ordinary person at a school or university.

On the other hand, some scientists favor that under given circumstances certain every skill can be taught to a child (Assume here: Everything can be learned and NOTHING is innate.). Teaching environment of a child shapes his psychology and picturizes (What does this mean? Unclear.) his innate emotions (Assume as if there’s nothing innate.). Various studies prove that when a child gets consistent psychological training in a specialized environment, then his innate emotions often align with the external training and express themselves these are expressed (emotions can’t express themselves) as a learned skill (Again – there’s nothing innate.). Case studies of various motivational speakers at Howard University, for example, revealed that their primary school teachers and their parents pushed them into speech competitions at a very early young age (Were they NOT born with this skill? Improve task response (context). Sample: Case studies of various famous speakers such as Robin Sharma reveal that these speakers were not born with this talent. Rather, they acquired this through persistent practice, excellent teachers, and encouraging parents and mentors.).

In conclusion, I believe there is no doubt about that any child can learn any skill with the involvement in certain activities under the keen supervision of his teachers but no one can deny the fact that a real talent is a divine gift which possibly can be polished into a better state but can never be learnt altogether. (What is your opinion. The conclusion never states it. First, mention it clearly and only then explain it. Sample: In conclusion, I believe that though every person is born with a certain talent, it can be learned by others……. )

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