IELTS Cue Card, April 2018: Describe an Event that was Celebrated in Your Country.

Describe an event that was celebrated recently in your country. Please say

– What was the event?
– How was it celebrated?
– Did you like it? Why?


India is a cricket loving nation and the Indian Premier League, which (cohesion) includes the competition of regional teams and invites (parallelism with includes) the best cricketers from all countries, is celebrated as a national religion (collocation). The IPL has recently concluded and this event was widely celebrated (collocation) in the country.

The conclusion of IPL season was an occasion for pomp and show. The organizers invited Bollywood stars who (adjective pronoun and clause) danced to the tunes of famous songs (collocation). It also (cohesion) included the presence of all teams in their respective dresses on the ground and they all sang the national anthem of India. Moreover (cohesion), the event attracted various politicians (collocation) including chief ministers and governors of various states. Finally (cohesion), the event was organized in a stadium and was telecasted on all channels in India.

I really loved watching the whole event since (cohesion) it (referencing – cohesion) included some of my favorite Bollywood stars. Also (cohesion), I’m a huge cricket fan (collocation) and I watch every match of the national team of India. As this event included not only (cohesion through ‘not only, but also’) the national players of my country but also some of the best cricketers from Australia, Pakistan and West Indies, I watched it from the beginning to end.


– Who was there with you on the celebration day?
– Was this event important to you? Why?
– What other events do people celebrate in your country?
– What makes an event special?
– Do you think food plays an important role in the event? Why?

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