feminist analysis of Dracula that focuses on issues of class and gender… Academic Essay

Topic: feminist analysis of Dracula that focuses on issues of class and gender…

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Assignment: Having completed close readings and class discussions of Bram Stoker’s novel Dracula, and several critical essays about Dracula, write a four page essay that includes all of the requirement listed below.

Each body paragraph MUST include a minimum of one “rich” quote that will lead to an analysis that helps support and/or develop your thesis statement: begin with a context that provides the information needed for the reader to understand the quote, the quote must be introduced and integrated into the paragraph with a signal phrase, your quote should be thoughtfully chosen, and you should provide a minimum of three sentences of analysis.

Please highlight the thesis statement and your topic sentences. Make sure that the thesis statement is the last sentence in the introductory paragraph, that the topic sentences reflect your thesis statement and will lead to the development and support of the thesis statement.

Prompt: Write a feminist analysis of Dracula that focuses on issues of class and gender. Remember that Stoker moved in circles related to the theater: actors, artists, writers, bohemians, and intellectuals and that he was well informed about the issues of his day. The first wave of feminism was already well on its way, and class issues were very visible.

– introduce your topic
– introduce the main authors and titles of the works you will be writing about
-summarize the main points in these works that are related to what you will be writing about.
-Offer an explicit and concise thesis statement(last sentence in the introduction) [ do not include quotes in the introduction]
-may use first person “I” in your introduction.

Body Paragraphs:
-each body paragraph must begin with a topic sentence that reflects and will lead into the development of your thesis.
-each body paragraph must include at least two short quotes.
-do not us first person narrative in body paragraphs except where you offer a personal reflection in the last body paragraph or concluding paragraph.

-must be a fully developed paragraph
-reinforce your essay’s main ideas
-optional: offer a reflection
-do not introduce new information

More requirements:
-four pages of writing( does not include your work cited page)
-MLA format/conventions for citing quotes and for work cited page
-all quotes must have a context, begin with a signal phrase, and followed with sufficient commentary and/or analysis

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