Evaluates the performance, training, or abilities of correctional workers custom essay.

 Summarize a research article which evaluates the performance, training, or abilities of correctional workers. Furthermore, please ensure what methodology/procedures were used to extract information rather only providing a description about the nature of the study, within the research design portion of the assignment. Also, please ensure to provide the type and the number of reviews, studies, persons, etc., that were used in the study.Please ensure to make your question open-ended, clear, and concise. For example, it should be something similar to this: How does confinement and costeffectiveness

differ between public and private prisons? While you will have flexibility in choosing the research articles you summarize, they must conform to the general topic area assigned. Your summaries must also conform exactly to the article summary outline I have provided you in the Syllabus & Materials section on Blackboard. By following the outline format, you will be able to gather the most important information within the article in order to judge how generalization and applicable it is to the criminal justice field. The writer will need to review any literature from Lamar University online Library. ***** Instructions for Accessing The Peer Reviewed Articles** 1.) Lamar website, 2.) Click on the third tab on top which says, “Library.” 3.) click on the third link, which says,
“Database List.” 4.) Now click on the letter, “A.” The first database on the list that opens up will be “Academic Search Complete.”
5.) click on “Academic Search Complete.” 6.) You will see a search page open up. In the blank spaces, write your search term within quotes. For example, you may wish to write “serial murder.” Or, you can try to search “murder.” Or, you might wish to search “psychopath” or perhaps “paraphilia”

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