Environmental ethics book report assignment sheet wiggins 201 001 custom essay.

Environmental Ethics Book Report Assignment Sheet Wiggins 201 Choosing a good book that fits your interests will be part of your grade. Make sure it is college level—no young adult books. It should have some type of clear environmental theme. Don’t just pick a book in time for my book choice deadline—put some thought and research into the choice. The book can be fiction or non-fiction, but non-fiction books should not be too technical. Email me your book idea and be sure I reply with an approval. I will not accept books that have not been approved. I. Give a brief synopsis of the book. Include the major environmental themes and why you selected this novel/book. Don’t retell the whole plot of the book. Just hit the main points. II. Cite at least three concepts from class, Des Jardins or “The Future of Life” that are illustrated by or apply to situations in your book. Thorough explain, using examples from the book, how it related to each of the concepts you chose. It’s ok to read ahead or look ahead on the Moodle topics and apply it to concepts we have not covered yet. For example, may address Gaia Theory, rational choice theory, biophila, etc. You could relate issues in the book to issues we have discussed: invasive species, ecological problems in various countries, liberal vs. conservative environmental views, etc. I’ll be looking for detail and specific examples from the class textbooks, lectures and readings. III. Close with your “critique” of the book’s message. What was the author trying to tell the reader? What did you gain from it? Note: Quotes and descriptions from the book are useful, but don’t over quote–I want your perceptions of the book. You don’t have to go overboard on length for the synopsis– put your energy on your critique. Show me that you have read the book and thoughtfully considered the environmental ethical issues raised by it. DO YOUR OWN WORK. I keep a file of previous book reports so it is easy for me to find “recycled” book reports. KEEP THEM FRESH. I would prefer newer books. While there are some classic books with environmental themes, I’m reluctant to use these as some have become cliché’ or over-used for reports. I may allow older books if you really want to read one, depending on what it is. Book ideas: Fictional books with environmental themes are a grow genre. This link from Good Reads will give you an idea. http://www.goodreads.com/list/show/8696.Best_Fiction_Books_about_the_Environment_and_Sustain ability (Not all of these are approved—this is just for an idea) Also, you can ask for suggestions from librarians or at local book stores. Online booksellers are also a good place to search. Very thorough list here—not you navigate by the tabs—it’s not very clear how to navigate to the books at first look. http://uiuc.libguides.com/environmental-novels

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