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Problems of Space and Time
The Insurrection in Paris
Bob Dylan and the Beatles, Volume One of the Best of the Blacklisted Journalist
Vimeiro 1808: Wellesley’s first victory in the Peninsular
Multicultural Picture Books: Art for Understanding Others

Assuming you are in the business of making T-shirts with funny pictures and words.
Question 1
Identify the raw materials that you will need to make the T-shirts and the suppliers from whom you will source the materials.

You need to discuss about vendor selection after you have identified the raw materials for making T shirts. That means you need to discuss the criteria that you will use to select the best suppliers based on pages 682 to 692 from the document that I will attach. You need to do some research online to identify some basic raw materials that you will need to make T shirts. That can be very brief as that is not the focus of the question. The focus is on selection of suppliers who will supply the materials.

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The Materials and Methods of Sculpture

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