Corporate Social Responsibility Academic Essay

Kindly Please answer these questions in critical and analytical way by using arguments and debates. Additionally, Please use the external sources that I attached with the order and also the references mentioned. Please use external credible books and resources.

1. Critically discuss Carroll’s pyramid and consider the relationship between maximising profit and the legal, ethical and social obligations of businesses to operate in a responsible manner? Apply your discussion to a company to demonstrate how Carroll’s framework can assist the development of CSR policy.

2. ‘Good Stakeholder Management is an essential component for developing an effective CSR policy.’ Discuss this statement and apply theories to explore how conflicts between stakeholders could be managed. Use a practical example to demonstrate the challenges for managers.

3. Critically discuss drivers or forces for CSR and examine the extent to which these approaches are forcing businesses to establish responsible management practices. Is protecting their reputation and bland value, and avoiding consumer boycotts more important than being responsible corporate citizens?

4. To what extent is CSR more relevant today than ever before because of globalisation? Making reference to CSR theory, illustrate your comments with examples from real life international organizations.

5. What do you think are the core characteristics of CSR as a concept? Use examples to show how these characteristics are demonstrated in practice by businesses and other types of organisation.

6. Who benefits from Corporate Social Responsibility? How might a business evaluate the benefits of their CSR strategy to their shareholders and other stakeholders? Explore these questions with reference to the theory and practice of CSR and use an organization to highlight the issues.

7. ‘The businesses most likely to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving global environment will those best able to balance the often conflicting interests of their multiple stakeholders (Wherther and Chandler 2006)’. How might a business in a global context approach the challenge of balancing conflicting interests? What strategies and techniques might be available to them to manage conflicting interests and what will influence which ones they choose?

8. Corporations today, given their increasing size, have the potential to be forces for either good or bad within the global business environment. Discuss this statement with reference to the drivers for CSR. Use a global company to explore the potential tensions between these driving forces. To what extent are national and inter-governmental organizations able to mediate in resolving these tensions?

9. ‘Companies do not function in isolation from the society around them (Crane et al 2008)’. Discuss this statement exploring the implications for CSR strategies and practices. What are the implications for international management operating in a global context?

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