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For this essay cycle, you will select one of the altered images listed on the Bronx Documentary Center “Altered Images”

database ( You can use any image EXCEPT the OJ Simpson Time Magazine Cover.
Imagine that you are a manager at your local newspaper and one of your photographers has submitted the image for
publication. The photographer informs you that they have altered the image in the way explained on the Bronx Documentary
Center “Altered Images” database. Write a persuasive enthymematic essay to your editor explaining why you think the
altered version of the image should or should not be published. Your claim (This image should/should not be published
because…) should be backed up using a single reason. You may draw on the information about your image from the Bronx
Documentary Center “Altered Images” database and use evidence from the assigned readings, but you cannot use any
additional sources.
i will submit the essay prompt, with the image and the three articles, please read the prompt carefully.

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