Diabetic Neuropathy Case-Study Academic Essay

Diabetic Neuropathy Case-Study
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Case study write-up. Write up a case study on Diabetic Neuropathy, under the following titles:

1) Chief complaint: patient’s age, sex and presenting symptoms

2) History of the present illness

3) Relevant family history, social and environmental history

4) Relevant medications

5) List of possible diagnoses from the patient history – explain why this list was chosen

6) Results of the neurological exam tailored to the patient history – detail what was done and why it was done, as well as the results of the examination

7) List of possible diagnoses from the neurological exam – explain why this list was chosen

8) Further blood and radiological tests – explain your choices

9) Final diagnosis – explain how and why this was reached

10) Chiropractic management of the final diagnosis – explain why this management will help, and say whether this is substantiated in the present literature.

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