Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource Asset Protection Strategies Paper details custom essay.

Homeland Security

The current risk formula (R = T x V x C) that is used by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has not always been the
risk formula used.
Research prior methodologies (formulas) used by DHS to determine risk, and complete the following:
•Based upon your research, explain why these methodologies (formulas) were deemed to be insufficient to adequately describe or
model risk to any given facility or structure. Compare and contrast the current DHS risk formula to the Federal Emergency
Management Agency (FEMA)developed
risk and hazard analysis matrix.
•Does the FEMA risk and hazard analysis matrix comply with the DHS risk formula? Are the two items compatible?
•Consider your local community’s Critical Infrastructure and Key Resources (CIKR) facilities. Is the DHS risk formula or the FEMA
risk and hazard matrix appropriate for your community?
•Is there an alternative risk formula that better supports the CIKR needs of your community? If not, explain in detail. If so, explain in

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