Benefits of Use-Case modeling custom essay.

 Please respond to the following in two paragraphs:
Analyze the benefits of use-case

modeling and isolate the most advantageous benefit to the firm you currently work or worked in the past and state
why. Describe the biggest challenge to the successful use of use-case
modeling and recommend how to overcome the
challenge.Two references\n\n\n“Physical vs. Logical System Models” Please respond to the following in one
paragraphs:Your intern is confused about the difference between physical and logical system models. Explain the
difference between the two models to her and give at least one example for each of the two models One reference\n\n\”Data
Communication and Web 2.0\”Two paragraphs. Describe the key components of a data communication system. Next,
discuss the overall manner in which a company uses data communication in order to reduce its operations cost. Include one
(1) example of such a reduction in operation costs to support your response. Use the Internet to research articles on Web
2.0 technologies and their applications for business. Next, identify two to three (23)
ways in which a business could apply
Web 2.0 technologies in order to improve its business operations. Provide one (1) example of such application to support
your response. Two references.

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