Assessment item 4 Management, Backup & DR custom essay

Subject Overview

This subject provides students with an in-depth study of cloud computing technologies and their use in
business. It looks into various standards based cloud systems and architectures. It further discusses
various cloud delivery models, planning for migration to a cloud model. It also discusses governance
and security issues in a cloud model and managing the cloud infrastructure.
Learning outcomes
On successful completion of this subject, you should
be able to compare and evaluate the ability of different cloud computing architectures to
meet a set of given business requirements;
be able to evaluate a set of business requirements to determine suitability for a cloud
computing delivery model;
be able to identify and design an ICT Risk Management strategy for a cloud computing
delivery plan to meet business requirements;
be able to critically analyse business requirements to plan a migration to a cloud model;
be able to compare and critique Service Level Agreements (SLA) that meet the business
requirements for a cloud computing plan.


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