Annotated Bibliography custom essay

As a psychologist, the formulation of your writings about topics should always be in response to and based on the current

literature in your field. Psychologists are expected to reflect their on their understanding of of the current literature by
referring to academic sources in their writing, and then reflecting on those sources. Most academic sources come from
journal articles, books, and conference papers.
For Unit 1 assignment, you will need to research and reflect upon the topic: The Scientific Method in Psychology
Each week, you are to locate two journal articles to add to your annotated bibliography. You will be provided with the topics
to investigate each week, but you are free to select the journal and authors of your choice to discuss. For the most part, your
annotated bibliography will cover each unit in the course. The articles must be from scholarly, peer reviewed sources. You
can obtain these sources from the library research databases (
or you
can research abstracts online and request the primary sources from the library’s interlibrary loan system
( Note that the interlibrary loan system has a turnaround time of 13
days, so plan
accordingly. Magazines (e.g. Psychology Today, Scientific American, Newsweek) are not considered scholarly journals. In
order to assess only the most current research, articles must have a publication date within the past five years. Finally, you
will need to include a copy of either the first page of your articles or the article abstracts.
Each annotated bibliography.


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