American history custom essay.

Using the CSU Online Library, locate a document discussing a rebellion/frontier conflict from this time, and write about your
perspective of the article, which should encompass at least one of the five choices below:
? Bacon’s Rebellion on Jamestown, VA;
? A public slave auction;
? The Pueblo Revolt;
? The Arbella Sermon; and
? Rebecca Nurse’s trial in Salem, Mass.
Your review needs to be a minimum two pages long and address the following:
? Introduce the event and what happened, including, but not limited to, the reason, setting, location, timeline, outcome, and
? Describe how characteristics of the region of Colonial America impacted your chosen conflict.
? Discuss your perspective on the event, including, but not limited to, what was inevitable or avoidable, and what was
beneficial or costly.
? Discuss your assessment of the article itself, including, but not limited to, was it well written, trustworthy, or biased?
? What caused American ideals or philosophies to change?
Upon completing your article review on the topic chosen above, you are to compose a onepage
journal entry, recalling your
experience having witnessed the rebellion/frontier conflict you chose for your review.
Be sure to review the lesson notes about what to look for in a scholarly resource, and if you have trouble locating an article,
contact a librarian to assist you. Your assignment, which should be three pages total, will not be accepted if your source is
not available in CSU’s Online Library, and the article you choose must be completely cited and referenced. As this is
focused on the strength of one source, having multiple sources is not necessary or desired as part of this assignment

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