Community hazard analysis, vulnerability assessment, and mitigation strategies custom essay.

 This assignment asks you to continue working on mitigation planning for your community (Spokane WA). You will complete a risk and vulnerability assessment (1,250-1,500 words) on Spokane WA and recommend mitigation strategies to deal with threats from selected hazards. A comprehensive mitigation plan should incorporate all of the hazards impacting a community; however, for this assignment you will focus on two specific threats, one natural and one manmade,

that are of particular concern to your community. Again, you might consider less obvious, though potentially dangerous, hazards that are not receiving sufficient attention in your community’s mitigation plan.
Hazard Analysis and Vulnerability Assessment
Begin by providing specific details on the two selected hazards affecting Spokane WA. Provide a brief description of each one, including their historical significance, how significant of a risk they are in the community, and the infrastructure exposed to the hazards. Describe vulnerabilities that are specific to these hazards. The vulnerability assessment shouldinclude/address the following:
Types and scope of infrastructure within areas of hazard.
Existing methods of protection from the identified hazards. What strategies have been effectively implemented?
What are the remaining vulnerabilities associated with these hazards? What needs to be done to address them?
The point of contact for the community facing a hazard. At what point during a disaster do the federal, state, and local governments get involved? What other organizations may provide support?
A plan to implement strategies that would ensure safety and reduce potential harm to the community in relation to these particular hazards.
Mitigation Strategies
Recommend mitigation strategies to address the threats posed by these hazards. Include the following:
An evaluation of current procedures, policies, and regulations that are in place to protect the community from these hazards.
Mitigation strategies to protect the community.
Identification of the resources needed to implement strategies (including financial, personnel, etc.).
A preliminary cost estimate or budget necessary to implement the strategies.
Potential sources of federal, state, or local resources available for implementing the mitigation plan.

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