Air service agreements custom essay.

The airline industry is hardly restricted to domestic operations; its influences spread far beyond the United

States, reaching all throughout the world. The success of this industry is in part dependent upon international
cooperation – cooperation that has been facilitated by key historical events, the growth of important
international organizations, and the formation of air service agreements (ASAs). In this assignment you will
examine some of these key events and describe their contribution to the airline industry. You will also explore
the application of bilateral and multilateral air service agreements and evaluate their impact on the success of
the airlines worldwide.
Use the Internet to research the following topics:
Paris Convention of 1919
Chicago Convention of 1944
The signing of the Bermuda I ASA between the USA and the UK
The formation and continued development of the Open Skies ASA
You may also wish to review the documents below in your research, added to this site for your convenience:
The Changing Landscape of Air Service AgreementsPreview the documentView in a new window
The Economic Impact of Air Service LiberalizationPreview the documentView in a new window
Focus your research on responding to the questions below:
What role did the Paris and Chicago Conventions play in cultivating cooperation on the standardization of
international air service regulation and operations?
What role did the United States and the United Kingdom have in establishing the structure of air service
agreements worldwide? How did the signing of Bermuda I contribute to the growth of air service agreements?
What impact has the domestic deregulation and liberalization of the US and EU markets played in shaping the
approach to the current international regulatory framework?
What is the difference between foreign ownership and cabotage rights? Why are these elements such a big
issue in international air service?
What is the significance of the Phase I Open Skies Agreement signed between the US and EU in 2008 and the
Phase II agreement signed in 2010?
Why are domestic and international regulations/agreements important to airline management?
In a word processing document, provide answers to these questions. Your answer sheet should adhere to the
following guidelines:
Format your document by indicating each question and providing its answer.
Your answers should be clear and easy to read.
Provide evidence from your research to support your answers. Use APA style to create these citations.

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