Academic poster search custom essay.

academic poster Search for appropriate 1 journal article . This should be a paper describing a piece of research- anything else will not easily fit the required headings on the poster. Make sure it’s not a long paper- gives too much to boil down. Max 12 pages article on some social problem in Ireland or global

Restriction on length minimum 900 words
Times New Roman size 9
You must submit Poster in Power point format,only one slide
Academic paper which formed the basis for the poster
Assignment Objectives
1 Ability to access academic paper from appropriate source, selection of appropriate source Legitimacy of source Relevance of source
2. Demonstrate how to summarize an academic paper
3. Show basic proficiency in Power point
4 Appropriate vocabulary, formal academic tone , correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, fluent sentences, clear transition and effective paragraph structure
5 Referencing

Summarize the report under the appropriate headings (Abstract, Introduction, Method, Results, Discussion) IN YOUR OWN WORDS. Any attempt to copy and paste will result in either a loss of marks or a fail, depending on how serious. Don’t paraphrase to close

 I need to have access to the article that you will choose so needs to be from online research . APA style

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