Routine Messages custom essay.

This assignment requires you to draft and assess professional messages. Formatting requirements are provided below.

* A title page is not required, simply indicate the following information at the top of the first page of your document:
Name and student number
Abbreviated course title (ENGG 123)
Name and number of the assignment (Assignment #1 Routine Messages)
* Number each of your answers according to task number and present them in numerical order. Do not repeat the questions,
that would be redundant.
* Use single spacing, since we want our memos to conform to a real world format.
* Do not invent facts that are not included in the scenarios provided unless such facts can be reasonably assumed as
compatible with the scenario from the perspective of a conventional professional setting.
* You may use a brief “Note to reader” to provide a brief explanation of your style and formatting choices.
None of your answers, including any Note to reader you might include, should be longer then 1.5 pages.

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