write analysis essay with argumentative thesis about a theme in it (“Let America Be America Again” by Langston Hughes ) custom essay.

2. Write three “prewriting” paragraphs about the poem you have chosen. Begin each paragraph with a main idea sentence, and
use transitions between points so that your reader can easily follow your logic.
1) A brainstorming paragraph that answers these questions:
Why were you drawn to this poem? What did you like about it?
What thesis about a theme do you see for an essay about this poem? Remember that your thesis is grounded in the literary
elements that support a theme in your poem. You may have more than one idea about a thesis on a theme. Review what a
theme and a thesis are in Unit 2.
2) An evidence paragraph that includes the following:
Include the poetic elements/terms a New Critic looks for to derive meaning from the structure of a poem.
Match the lines or phrases of your poem to the elements you will use and write them together in this paragraph.
Use MLA format (backslashes) to write the lines you have matched.
3) A conferencing paragraph in which you ask at least: two questions about your ideas and fully explain why you have these
questions. Any aspects of the poem (lines not understood, etc.) or essay writing (theme, thesis, structure, etc.) are appropriate

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