Write an ebook about men’s fashion custom essay.

This book must be written in Native English and needs to be thoroughly edited. You must have personal experience with the subject.

The book must offer simple, expert solutions to common fashion problems men face. They should be well-informed solutions that are not common knowledge and not something you can find on a quick google search.

It should have a short introduction, 3-7 concise chapters, and a short thank you and final thoughts chapters to wrap up for readers at the end. 90% of the content should be about tips, inspirations, and techniques that help readers to solve their fashion problems, or ways to make it easier & more fun. It should contain as many pictures as you need.

The book must be 100% original other than the pictures you borrow. I retain the rights to the book and it will likely be published on Amazon Kindle, under your name or a pen name if you prefer. I don’t mind if you refer to it as a reference in your portfolio.

It should be about 8000 – 10,000 words.

In your proposal please include a short description of your book, your title idea, and how it would solve people’s problems. I will write the final title of the book including relevant keywords. You just need to come up with a working title that best describes what your book is about.

Your job is to look closely at your fashion knowledge and think about what men want to accomplish with that subject and what they struggle with on a regular basis. Then show them how to solve those problems in your book. You may use the Internet for research, but make sure you integrate into your own ideas.

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