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Step 1. You are required to identify at least EIGHT SCHOLARLY ARTICLES in academic journals to better understand the subject matter. Students must read all of the articles and organize the themes into a comprehensive literature review, including an APA style reference page. Please note: A successful literature review does not simply summarize each article, but it identifies trends and themes throughout the body of research. The student’s findings should be synthesized and analyzed in a way that demonstrates critical thinking skills.2. Survey Methodology
Using the topic that you chose in step 1, develop a survey of 12 questions that you could administer to friends, family members, coworkers, or classmates.

For example, if your topic was “Best Practices in HIPAA Trainings for Healthcare Managers”, you might develop questions like:
What do you look for in a professional training?
On a scale of 1-10, how interested would you be in receiving more advanced training related to HIPAA?
How many hours of HIPAA training have you received in your career?

If your topic was “Benefits of preventive medicine”, you might ask questions like:
How many times a year do you visit your primary care physician?
What kinds of conversations has your doctor had with you about prevention of chronic disease?

1. Develop at least 12 questions to submit for a grade.
a. Include 2-3 demographic questions.
b. You do not have to include any qualitative (open-ended) questions, but if you choose to, do not include any more than 2 questions that are qualitative in nature.
c. Keep in mind that Step 3 of the project requires you to calculate some basic statistics from your survey results. You will need to be able to calculate things like, “30% of my participants expressed interest in advanced HIPAA training” or “I asked my participants how many doctor visits they have had in the past year, and the average answer was 2”. Design your questions in a way that will allow you perform some basic calculations.

2. Administer your survey to at least 6 people. Choose anyone you like.
3. Write 100-200 words about how you selected your sample. Write about how you felt when administering the survey. Were there questions that you wanted to edit or change after you started administering the survey? Did your participants find any questions confusing or difficult to answer? What would you do differently if you were to repeat this activity in the future?
Step 3. Results (at least 300 words)
Including a visual display of data

Step 4. Analysis (at least 400 words)
Implications of your findings

Step 5. Critique Your Work (at least 500 words)
Discuss ethical concerns
Would your survey study pass the IRB’s approval?

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