We can work on Why are African countries underdeveloped?

The proposal must clearly state your topic, a problem that you are going to address through your argument in your paper, and method you will employ to argue your point—historical, anthropological, sociological, or textual.

a. Choosing a topic
You can choose a topic that is in conversation with your own major discipline or stand-alone topic in religious studies. Make sure you have a problem that you want to address through your argumentative paper.

b. Thesis
Choosing a topic and writing a thesis or taking a position is an outcome of reading and processing the literature in the area of the chosen topic. To find the right sources you have to refer to books, articles in databases, and encyclopedia articles. Once you have critically understood the literature, you will be able to argue your position.

c. Method
In any academic writing, method plays an important role. We have discussed various methods in the beginning of the semester and we continue to understand different texts, traditions, and practices employing various methods—historical, literary, anthropological, psychological, and sociological. Make sure you mention which method you will use for your paper and why is that method important for your research paper.

d. References
List at least five sources other than course material, and write one sentence as to why they are important for the purpose of writing the paper

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