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Week 5 Assignment 5 Whistler Ski Resort Instructions
Prepare an Executive Summary Report
Part A: Situation:
You are preparing for meeting with the Project Sponsor and Key Management Stakeholders.
This is an Executive Meeting which is scheduled in 2 days and you have just received a progress
report from your project team. Your next steps are to:
(1) Update your MS Project following the instructions below in Part B.
(2) Analyze and evaluate the status of the project using the reports and tables in MS
(3) Prepare an Executive Brief / Report as to the project status and your assessment as
to the health of the project following the instructions below in Part C.
Part B: Project Progress Information – Update MS Project Plan:
(1) Use your MS Project Plan from the Whistler Ski Resort from Week 4 and make any
necessary corrections based on my comments on your Assignment 4A. It is essential
that you do this before starting this assignment.
(2) Do not make any adjustments for resource over allocation.
(3) Set the Baseline for the Project
(4) Set the Project Status Date to 8/14/19
(5) Update the Progress as follows:
a. Publish the Project Plan took 12 days instead of 10 and is now 100% completed
b. Ordering Lumber, Order Electrical Supplies and Order Plumbing Supplies for the
Day Lodge and Order Lumber and Order Generator for the Generator House are
100% completed and no changes to the actual duration.
c. Build the Main Entrance Road took 12 days instead of 6 days due to bad weather
and difficult terrain. As a result of a clause in the contract, the contractor billed
you an additional $6,500 because of the delays.
d. Clear the Day Lodge Site took 10 days instead of 6 days also due to weather and
rough terrain.
e. Receive Lumber for the Day Lodge is 100% Completed.
f. Complete the Day Lodge Foundation is 100% complete but took 14 days instead
of 12 days due to resource availability.
g. Complete the Main Framework for the Day Lodge is 100% complete but it took
24 days instead of 18 days as a result of underestimating the complexity of the
h. Receive the Electrical Supplies is 100% completed with no changes to the
i. Consolidated Electrical is overcommitted with other clients and Install the
Electrical Wiring for the Day Lodge is 60% complete.
j. Receive Plumbing Supplies 100% completed while Install Plumbing is 45%
completed. The plumber ran into technical issues that are delaying the
k. Finish Construction for the Day Lodge has not yet started because of delays with
the Electrical and Plumbing activities.
l. The following Generator Activities are 100% completed: Clear Site, Order and
Receive Lumber with no deviations with the duration.
m. Complete the Foundation for the Generator site took 12 days instead of 6 days
and Frame the Generator House took 16 days instead of 12 days.
n. The following Generator Activities have not yet started: Finishing Construction,
Receive the Generator and Install the Generator. The Generator Supply
Company has had internal delays with supplying to you the generator and has
missed previous commitments to deliver the generator. Although the Generator
has been ordered, since the Generator is in backlog, the Generator Supply has
not charged you for the Generator.
o. Clear the Parking completed in 14 days, 4 days less than planned.
Part C Prepare an Executive Summary Report Assignment Instructions:
(1) Prepare an Executive Summary Report using MS Power point. The presentation should
be between (6) pages and (10) pages. The brief should include a cover sheet, a meeting
agenda and the following (5) sections:
a. Project Scope and Objective for Stage 1
i. Recap project scope based on the revised Scope from Assign#4.
b. Executive Summary
i. Summarize the key information about your report in one or two
paragraphs. This should include information such as to your overall
assessment of the project, and any conclusions or recommendations.
c. Current Schedule Status and Schedule Forecast
i. What is you conclusion as to how well is the project performing relative
to the schedule.
1. What % of the project has been completed
2. Is the schedule it on target, ahead or behind schedule
3. What is the revised finish date, how many days was the project
supposed to last and what is the revised estimated number of
4. How much work was planned, how much work was earned, what
are schedule variances.
d. Current Cost Status and Forecast
i. What is you conclusion as to how well is the project performing relative
to the cost.
1. Are the project costs on target, over budgeted or under budget?
2. What are the actual costs, how much work was earned,
3. What is your cost forecasts, how much more will you need to
spend and what are your variances.
e. Current Issues and Actions
i. Must use the Table Format provided below (In Powerpoint – Insert
ii. Based on what you know so far what are the current risks or issues that
could further the delay the project and what specific action plans could
you put in place to resolve these issues and or mitigate the risks. Do not
include issues that are no longer a threat to the project


Describe the issue or risk
Describe the action or actions to
resolve the issue

f. Your audience is made up of senior business managers and you need to be
concise and clear. They are not technical and nor knowledgeable in technical
project management terms. The report should be professionally prepare and in
the form of a management report.
g. Use the following guidelines
h. Use bullets / short sentences to convey the project status report.
i. Use charts or graphs as appropriate
j. Do not assume your audience knows what CPI is. Be sure to explain it in a short
k. The brief should summarize the project and tell a story
(2) Submit the Assignment via Turnitin. If using MS PowerPoint, you will need to save as a
PDF file in order to submit via Turnitin

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