We can work on Whether the technology in use is current or somewhat out of date.

Develop a list of four or five major employers in your area.
Find answers to the following questions by visiting the company, talking with an employee, or accessing the company’s website.
What are the primary products or services of the business or organization?
What percentage of the employees at this location work in offices?
What is the primary purpose of the office? What tasks do office workers perform?
Do any employees work in an alternative office? How many workers telecommute? If there are workers who telecommute, how many of them are considered office workers?
What technology is being used in preparing letters and reports? For telecommunications? For records management?
In general, determine whether the technology in use is current or somewhat out of date.
Prepare a written report of one to two pages in which you present the information you gathered.
Participate in a discussion that summarizes what offices are like in your community.

Sample Solution

time (1mm square- 0.04 secs), the vertical lines measure voltage (1mm square- 0.01 mV), and the tic mark will identify 6 sec strip intervals. Heart rate computation has the identify rate which measure ventricular rate unless otherwise specified and it’s also measure the R-wave. They choose to method to determine or make sure that the rate has six second method box and box method. The six second method count the number of QRS complexes occurring within 6 seconds and multiply the number by 10. During the Holter monitoring or electrocardiogram testing make sure that the V3 leads is under the right nipple if the patient is under 15 years old and if it’s older than 15 they can hook it up like adult. During the hook up of the Holter monitoring the first step they need to do is to take out the battery compartment and place AA battery, then insert the flashcard with the lip facing downward. Second, push the enter key twice, they will hear the beep sound, then you will be able to enter the social security of the patient by scrolling the up down side to side keys then select ok button. Third, scroll across the top check the channels 1-3 to make sure all the hook ups are all working and good. Fourth, they should also check the first time by scrolling across the date and time. Fifth, check the duration of the scan and pacer detector by going to the settings then go to start and press the enter button. Lastly, issue the patient what they need to do after 24 hours. The physician needs to hand his/her a log sheet for their activities and symptoms. Electrocardiogram Rhythm Sinus Rhythm is a regular normal rhythm of the heart set by the natural pacemaker of the heart called the sinoatrial node or sinus node. It is located in the right atrium and refers to the normal increase in heart rate that occurs during inspiration when they breathe. “It’s also a small, slow variation of the R-R interval variation of the normal sinus heart rate respiration” (Medical, n.d.). There is also sinus tachycardia which means the sinus rhythm is 100 beats per minute. “The QT interval decreases as the rate increases. The maximum rate in sinus rhythm is usually 220-age” (Medical, n.d.). The sinus bradycardia or slow heart beat is 60 beats per minute and this may due to parasympathetic dominance at rest” (Cardiac, n.d.). The premature ventricular complexes are observed in 60 percent of healthy adults in monitoring. This means that the patient can take home the Holter monitoring and they have a log sheet and they have to write the time and what are they doing. T>

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