We can work on What were the causes of the Great Depression? What was President Hoovers response and how did his view of America inform his approach? Was he right or wrong? Support your argument with evidence from lectures and readings

Length and Format: Your paper should be two to three pages in length, double-spaced (or approximately 500-750 words).  Cite direct quotations or specific references to reading material parenthetically. While not grading on grammar and mechanics as rigorously as during a full, sixteen-week semester, students should endeavor to write their assignments in clear, coherent prose. Poor writing, mechanics, spelling, or grammar that affects my ability to understand the papers argument will most likely affect the grade.

Content: Your opening paragraph should be no more than five sentences and should consist of a clear and strong thesis statement that explicitly states the argument of the paper. A strong thesis should frame the argument within a larger context and not simply restate the essay prompt. Body paragraphs should reference specific material from lecture and/or readings to support your argument.

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