We can work on What Makes “America Great”

Why is America great? (ex: laws, constitution, govt, etc)
What sets apart America in its greatness from other countries? whats special about America?
How is America unique and special? why live here?

Sample Solution

The main goal Wangari Maathai wants to accomplish in Unbowed is to use it as a platform to raise awareness that the planet is overwhelmed by careless, corrupt, or violent leadership. She hopes to turn Kenya into a democracy. Wangari understands that while democracy may not be a remedy for all ills, it is still a required building block in achieving hope and prosperity. Wangari is successful in accomplishing her goal by continually improving her credibility throughout her life. She started out as a young girl with hopes and dreams, then was fortunate enough to receive an education as a Kenyan girl. She developed into a top scholar by high school, where she graduated at the top of her class. Then, she was one of the select few women in Kenya to obtain not only a college education, but a scholarship to a university in the United States. Eventually she got a Ph.D in biology, went to college in Germany, and followed by returning to Kenya to work hard, help the poor, share her biology credentials, visit with her relatives, and start her own family. She then continued growing as a political activist for the planting of trees, environmental conservation, and women’s rights for many years. All of Wangari’s efforts would finally pay off, when she was elected as a member of Kenya’s Parliament in 2003, and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004. By this point, she had gained enough respect for people in her region to put their hopes and trust in her as a leader, bring back democracy in Kenya, and solve many of the leadership issues in Kenya, such as misrule, corruption, violence, environmental mismanagement, and oppression. Wangari accomplished her goals through self-suff>

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