We can work on Week 8 Written Assignment – Community Needs Assessment and Health Improvement Plan Final Paper

The papers attached into one comprehensive community needs assessment and health improvement plan incorporating any feedback received from the instructor into the final paper. Each weekly written assignment serves as one section of the final paper. Students should use the title of each weekly written assignment as a section header.  Any appendices used in weekly assignments should be included as appendices in the final paper.
The paper should contain the following information:
a)    Community Description: A description of the selected community should be detailed which includes physical features, distinguished history as well as a demographic and socioeconomic overview of the community.

b)    Partnership Development: A description of the partners who will assist in the MAPP process should be detailed.

c)    Vision and Values Statements: The Vision and Value Statements for the MAPP process that were developed should be shared.

d)    The Four MAPP Assessments:
              I.    Community Themes and Strengths Assessment (CTSA)
            II.    Local Public Health System Assessment (LPHSA)
            III.    Community Health Assessment (CHSA)
            IV.    Forces of Change Assessment (FOCA)
e)    Strategic Issues: A summary of the prioritization process and a listing of the top three prioritized health issues in the community should be included.

f)    Goals and Strategies:  A goal, a process objective, an impact objective and an outcome objective for the top prioritized issue should be listed along with recommended activities, potential barriers and existing resources.

g)    Action Cycle: A summary of the complete action cycle in order to complete one activity to meet the process objective should be included.

h)    Evaluation Plan: A summary of the evaluation plan to measure the success of the action cycle should be detailed.

Be sure to locate the information in the papers attached to create this paper.

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